Astoria Dentistry in Buckhead

The Astoria at the AramoreFinding the perfect dentist is like finding the perfect dress for a cocktail party, both can be very time consuming and often feel like hit or miss experiences. But it’s always worth the time and trouble in the end when you slip on the dress and you know that it is the one.

So if you are one of those people still hunting for the perfect dentist make sure to head over to The Astoira at the Aramore, a mixed-use development with retail, office, and luxury Atlanta condominiums, because that is where Dr. Didier Guillaume, DMD will be opening his practice Astoria Dentistry on November 2.

Dr. Guillaume specializes in complex, high-end restorative cosmetic and implant dentistry. He set up his practice in the Astoria because of all the amenities the space and location had to offer. In addition to the beautiful reception area and the friendly concierge, the relaxing and secluded pool (more…)