Custom Builders Atlanta Helps Buyers Interested In Foreclosed Homes

Buying foreclosed Atlanta real estate can be a risky ordeal that raises several questions. What if the house has costly, hidden repairs? If the house needs to be fixed, where do I start? How can I be sure I’ll be protected?

Homebuyers who want answers to all of these questions and more now have a new place to turn to. Custom Builders Atlanta’s new foreclosure inspection and warranty program is here to help homebuyers interested in foreclosed properties. The program provides peace of mind through a home inspection, a list of items that need to be repaired before the home is market-ready, an estimate for the repairs and a 5 or 10 year structural home warranty from StrucSure Home Warranty, LLC, which is ranked third among providers of warranty and insurance products in the homebuilding industry.

Buyers of foreclosed homes won’t be the only ones who benefit from the program. Investors, banks and other real-estate-owned property owners can use these tools to market homes better and sell inventory faster. And because the program can offer increased protection and value on foreclosed homes, neighborhoods with several foreclosures will see market prices rise. This, in turn, will help raise the neighborhood value.

For more information on how the foreclosure inspection and warranty program works, contact Dennis McConnell at Custom Builders Atlanta by calling 404-839-5323, emailing or visiting the Custom Builders Atlanta website. For more information on the 10-year structural warranty, offered by StrucSure Home Warranty, visit