An Evening of Glamour

Amenity Level at SovereignOctober 8th, Sovereign teamed up with Neiman Marcus to present an Evening of Glamour. Sovereign, who has long since been known as Atlanta’s finest luxury high-rise condominium was the perfect showcase for Neiman’s luxurious winter clothing line.

The exclusive cocktail party and fashion show was an invite only event held for Sovereign residents and prospective buyers highlighted the new winter lines currently on display at Neiman Marcus and gave attendees the opportunity to see Sovereign’s newest model home designed by award winning interior designer Barbara Westbrook.

Nieman Marcus ModelsWhile models showed off the latest winter fashions in an informal fashion show, guests were able to mingle between the 28th and 43rd floors, delighting in both Westbrook’s stunning designs and the terrific party downstairs on the Amenity Level.

With its clean lines, spacious feel and breathtaking views of Atlanta, the Amenity Level was the perfect setting for the event. Guests were able to enjoy cocktails while looking out over the city and rooftop pool from the floor to ceiling windows that lined the outer wall. Around the corner in the lounge room, guests were able to mingle and enjoy the appetizers that were served at the party.

Not to be outdone by the surroundings, the models did a great job as well. Cashmere coats, suede pants and oversized handbags created quite a stir amongst the guests and provided an extensive showing of what the new looks are for the upcoming winter season.

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